31 December 2009

Yes, we are the light unto the nations, and its' final

I had been somewhat dismissive of the ex-POTUS Carter re his demand that "State of Israel will fulfill its destiny as a light unto the nations". It is known that Jimmuh is one tenacious character and wouldn't leave us alone until we comply.

But I think that the dream came true already, it is just my waning powers of observation that were kind of in the way. Here it is:

Sacramento firefighters say a man is seriously injured after he started a house fire while apparently burning his divorce papers....

The fire damaged the two-story duplex in Sacramento's West Natomas area. It sent the man to a Sacramento hospital with serious injuries including smoke inhalation. ...

Doucette says the fire was in an upstairs bedroom where the man also was found. Two cats were also found dead of smoke inhalation.
"So what?" are you obviously saying. What does a man who almost kills himself, burns a house and murders two innocent felines - all this because of a measly divorce - have to do with Israel being (or not, as the case may be) a light unto whatever?

Just wait a jiffy, here it comes:

A 50-year-old man from Jerusalem has been granted a divorce for the 11th time, a new Israeli record for Jews according to a Rabbinical court.

He told the court he usually divorced his wives every two years and looked for a new bride immediately after.
I think there is no need to explain why we are already that light unto the nations. Case closed.

I hope Jimmuh will get off our backs now.