28 December 2009

Umar/Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab: wealthy, quiet, unassuming

The headline is stolen from this Indy article. Doesn't surprise me at all: after each atrocity, be it a terrorist act or an especially gory murder, the neighbors tell exactly the same (well, "wealthy" is an occasional attribute, of course) story.

Reading another article, also from a British paper, I have stumbled on an interesting detail.

Mr Schuringa said he said he frisked the suspect and discovered his trousers were open and that he had a flaming object resembling a small, white shampoo bottle strapped to his left leg near his crotch.
The location of the explosive charge and the circumstances lead me to modify the above description of the subject to: wealthy, quiet, unassuming and ball-less. The expression "balls up" gained another meaning now.

What will he do with them 72 virgins in the eagerly expected paradise for AQ martyrs?

And, since AQ was mentioned: not a long time ago AQ scientists experimented with an assbomber. Apparently it proved to be a disappointment, thus the change of location, location, location...