26 December 2009

The Refugee Issue in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Behind any refugee there is a tragedy of lost roots, lost friends and relatives, lost livelihood. Many a charitable organization tries to help refugees in their plight and to assist them recovering whatever is possible of their life and dignity. However, there is one quirky outfit that under the guise of assistance does all it can to perpetuate the problem of one specific tribe. UNRWA.

At the insistence of the Arab states, the UN created a special agency, the UNRWA, to serve the Arab Palestinian refugees, and a special legal status for them, unlike that of any other refugees in the world. The rest of the world's refugees are covered by different legal definitions and served by a different agency, that does not perpetuate their refugee status. Only for Arab Palestinian refugees is refugee status inherited and passed from father to son and from mother to daughter, and even to spouses who "marry in" to the Palestinian refugee community and to their children. Who pays for this apparatus? You do. This presentation about The Refugee Problem outlines the differences in status for Palestinian Refugees and all others.
If, after seeing the presentation, you still harbor any doubts about UN, a small reminder: about 800,000 Jews fled or were expelled from Arab countries because of the creation of Israel. How many UN officials deal with this issue?

Yeah, right.