13 January 2010

Another service announcement

It looks like the first wave of troubles with the new commenting system has receded. All visitors who tried to leave a message lately and were turned away, visitors whose commenting authorization disappeared etc, are invited to try again.

The dust is still flying, the debris are still lying around and the expletives are heard, but some parts of the whole are already working.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dick Stanley said...

I guess I've been lucky. Had no trouble since initial confusion. WordPress it ain't, however. I jis luvs my new WP site.

OT, here's an anti-Che shirt worth a laugh. You'd probably not want to wear it many places, however:


snoopythegoon said...

Dick, many thanks, it made my day ;)

A. Decker said...

OK. I just tried to leave a comment and it disappeared. I probably hit the wrong button. I'll try again and if it works this time, then I'll know, I's the doofus and your new system is working.

Also, D. Stanley's anti-Che tee cracked me up.

snoopythegoon said...

Looks like it worked out for you just fine. Thanks for trying.

David All said...

That's a funny T-shirt, Dick, right up there with the one of Che with Mickey Mouse ears . Thanks for linking to it.

Dick, my library has gotten a copy of your book, "Leaving the Alamo". Look forward to reading it when I get the chance.

PS: Snoopy, can you do something about the 1,000 charecter limit to a post? It cramps my wordy style! Otherwise the new comments system is all right.

snoopythegoon said...


Thanks for the tip, this is one of the Echo options I haven't looked at yet. Increased to 3000.

Dick Stanley said...

David, presume you mean your personal library. Thanks. Hope you find something you like among the sixteen stories.

David All said...

Actually, Dick, it is the library where I work at. My job is part of the section processing new acquisitions for the general collection. I spotted your book on the shelf for new arrivals.