09 January 2009

When Amira Hass accuses Hamas

This is not precisely news, but in a way it is - when one of the chief apologists for Palestinian misdeeds says it:

Even in the current conditions, Hamas is continuing to arrest those it suspects of criminal activity or Fatah membership, many of whom were arrested on the eve of the IDF operation and fled detention when the shelling began. No one knows where the detained are being held. Independent sources and those linked with Fatah say Hamas' common methods include confiscating cell-phones, beatings, house arrest and firing at a suspect's legs.
Amira doesn't express her feelings for the duration of the whole long article, so (unlike her articles on Israel) it reads like a dry recording of events, very unlikely for her.

What can I say? That, in their own inimitable way, Hamas are somewhat justified in arresting both petty criminals and Fatah members. In their turn, Fatah now can arrest Hamas members with serious criminals. It will be only fitting.

What is even more amazing, even telling about real crimes of Hamas, Amira keeps her cool:
Estimates of the number of suspects executed range from 40 to 80, but amid the prevailing conditions shelling, fear of walking the streets and media blackouts it is virtually impossible to verify the numbers or identities of the dead.

Executions are carried out secretly. In Rafah, for example, at least some of the victims were killed in a caravan erected in the area formerly occupied by the Rafiah Yam settlement, and the victims' relatives were invited to take away the bodies.
It sure takes a dedicated soul to remain so detached - doesn't it, Amira?

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