10 January 2009

We are learning too...

I am not sure whether you remember the once famous genetically engineered Joozilla - the Super Dozer unleashed on defenseless Palestinians - here it (he?) is in all its glory:

Well, it looks that it took less than an year, and some masters of visual art have already absorbed the lesson provided by an unknown (to me, at least), Photoshop jockey of the last year. Here it comes, from an on-line page in Haaretz:

Notice how fragile and feeble that Merkava (Mark 3, if I am not mistaken) looks compared to the Hamasnik and, especially, to that terrible dil weapon in his huge mitts. One could rest assured that the ENEMY doesn't even have to launch it to destroy the tank - a single and not even especially strong blow will suffice.

And this in the middle of Amira Hass' article, too. I wonder whether the location is significant in this case.

So we have learned something in this line of propaganda too, after all. Of course, shouldn't have taken too much time, after all we are cousins, lets' not forget.

The problem is that we (and they) keep forgetting...