15 January 2009

Death to Everyone

I am copying a post by Iranian (I guess) blogger Azarmehr. Enjoy:

This is such a classic and it reminds me so much of the illiterate thugs that raided the universities in Iran during the 'cultural revolution'. In this clip, the mob leader with the tannoy shouting the slogans, warms up the flock with the usual 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to America' to begin with but then his zeal takes over his brain cells and he shouts 'Death to Palestine'. Few of the mob twig on and start laughing but the rest simply repeat the leader and shout accordingly 'Death to Palestine'.

Absolute classic :))
True, thanks to Azarmehr again. Which reminds me a story I heard many years ago. During one of the interminable May 1st parades on the Red Square (that's in Moscow, then USSR), where every Muscovite was marching with his/her organization, proudly, if unwillingly carrying a placard with this or other prescribed slogan, one citizen decided to show some originality. His placard was saying: "We'll give a crushing answer to the enemies of the world capitalism".

It took about an hour and one less inebriated policeman to grok that the placard is a bit different.