23 January 2009

Guardian anti-Semitic? Nah...

I enjoy reading Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations and warmly recommend it to all. Take, for instance, this post (or this post - another gem); it appears, by the way, that we have been awarded that sigh of relief on the same day, but many other Israelis got it then.

But of course, I don't always agree with everything he writes (it's two Jews, remember). This time it's regarding Guardian. As you, our few readers, know only too well, that outfit sometimes drives me up the wall. And provides the majority of so much needed morning adrenaline. But Yaacov goes a bit further in this post about alleged use of phosphorus by IDF. He says:

The fact that an overtly antisemitic newspaper has 700,000 subscribers in the middle of the civilized world, irks me.
I cannot agree with this sweeping characterization. I am absolutely certain that as an organization Guardian carries the same "background level" of anti-Semitism as it could be measured in the whole of Britain (just not too close to Galloway and his ilk).

Guardian caters to a certain readership that expects them to bash Israel at any opportunity and is (probably) more anti-Semitic on average than the "background level". But then, there is a goodish slice of population in Britain where anti-Semitism is a given, and I don't even want to go there...

Anyway, concluding that the driving point for all Guardian's hacks bashing Israel is anti-Semitism is an oversimplification and, as such, counter-productive.

Much better to call them just gasbags - unless you intend to fisk one at the moment and really deconstruct him/her.