20 January 2009

Anti-Semitism vs. anti-Zionism - less blurred lines

The interminable discussion on the crucial difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism - whether the latter doesn't necessarily mean the former and how good and useful is to criticize Israel and how it doesn't mean that the said criticism is anti-Semitic and blah and blah and ad infinitum - these discussions are not for me, really. There are better emetics that, at least at the stage of intake, are much more pleasing to the tongue and warming to the stomach, really.

So Simply Jews will continue to avoid this morass in the future, and we are all pleased to notice two interesting and useful developments:

  1. Many nice anti-Zionist folks have lately expanded their ire toward Israel onto the Jewish folks who don't have a lot (if at all) to do with Israel. Like this headmaster in Denmark who, while being an ardent anti-Zionist, got somehow mixed up and (obviously in the swing of anti-Zionist fervor) refuses to accept Jewish kids to his school.
  2. Many of the anti-Zionist folks parading the streets of Europe and US also got confused and, instead of writing "death to Israel" (or "Isreal" for some mysterious reason - they can't all be illiterate, after all?) put "Death to all Jews" ("Juice") on their placards.
Frankly, it makes me happy. Time to put paid to that veneer of political correctness. Especially when it covers a racist shitface* to start with.

Thanks to Noga and Mick. Also - read this.

(*) And to prevent inane comments here: not all anti-Zionists are anti-Semites and not all politically correct shitfaces are racist. Er... whatever, can I go for a barf now?