12 January 2009

Connect the dots - to another Zionist atrocity

In this picture:

Are people in this picture:

  1. Zionists, proudly displaying the Star of David (white on black for some reason, but whatever)?
  2. Anti-Zionists, bashing Israel for this or other atrocity?
  3. Passers-by that stumbled into the midst of a demo that doesn't have anything to do with them, since they were going to a pro- or anti-Zionist rally?
  4. None of the above?
After you got tired guessing, read this article by Ben Cohen of Z-Word.

And see how easy it is to blame the Jooz.

Anyone - have you experienced any problems with your air-conditioning, your piping, your heating? Has your family doctor been rude to you on account of your complaining about your piles too much? Were you cheated at the butcher's? Your friend is looking at you strangely lately?

Call 1-800-ZIONISTS for a brief explanation and a free brochure...