22 January 2009

It's all about gas, stupid!

Via Sandmonkey (what would we all do without Sandmonkey, I wonder?): a earth-shaking discovery of the real reason for the Cast Lead. It's... but see the headline of this post.

I cannot go on, its' too funny - eventually the drama of Cast Lead brought forth something funny, and we all should be thankful to Bicyclemark (that's his moniker), I suggest. Just read it yourself.

P.S. The author describes self as:

Portuguese-American, Amsterdam-based, alternative-activist-journalist, independent podcaster, rogue media theorist specializing in online journalism, social movements, and a healthy disrespect for journalistic conventions.
It is amazing, I could barely get to the end of the list - isn't it a case of multiple personalities? And how does he know in the morning who he is going to be today?

And no, I will not call him names, and I wouldn't use the g... word for any remuneration.

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