08 January 2009

How soon they forget?

No, I am not angry at Brits - I am already past that point, being closer to the mood best expressed by this piece. Still, I shall never quit to wonder about this country that (go figure why!) holds, and will continue to hold for a long time, the attention of the world way above the weight it is pulling in the world affairs. So this post by Andrew Ian Dodge hit just the right cord - for me:

Having lived in the UK off and on most of my life I sometimes wonder if the country collectively has a very short memory. Considering the shrill voices against Israel defending itself one has to wonder if they have all forgotten that the UK had a terrorist problem in much of the latter half of last century. Britons where killed by bombs, mortars and murders by Irish nationalist groups.

The British government replied in kind and did as much as they could to protect it citizens from the terrorists. Imagine how Britons would have felt if the IRA and its off-shots had been firing missiles at cities in Northern Ireland from Ireland?

Then again considering the current cowering attitude towards Islamists and their ilk it is not surprising the overall reaction to the situation in Gaza. Where is the outcry in the media over Islamists attacks on Jews and Jewish businesses in the UK. Where is the condemnation of celebrity Hamas-appeasers like Ken Livingston, Annie Lenox, Bianca Jagger and the rest? The true depth of dhimmi-tude is showing right now.

Its disgraceful, disgusting and despicable how large swathes of the British establishment has reacted to Hamas and its efforts.
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