30 January 2009

Caney Creek high school: the morons still march

Some people ban books with offensive piglets in them, some people ban everything deemed to be of danger to their regime, and some people demand to ban a book they just don't grok. Due, you see, to their limited reading comprehension. Now it's a book about the danger of banning books to boot. And one of the greatest books written on the American continent.

I have a positive and constructive proposal to make for US school system - let's call it "reverse ban". In practice it means excusing students with IQ lower than a necessary threshold value from reading books they are unable to understand. Should work like a dream.

Not sure Ray Bradbury would approve this idea, though, but he will be definitely unhappy with the only alternative: timely castration of the kid's dad.

P.S. It is, in fact, an old story - from 2006 that somehow came up in this week's buzz. Anyway, it's a pity to waste a good rant...


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