24 January 2009

Obama's second oath conspiracy

There is a lot of rumors about the Barack Obama's botched oath, the second attempt without the Bible and the mysterious reasons for all that. Somebody has to dispel the fog, and who better than the Elders that, of course, have a hand in everything?

So it started with the mishap during the inauguration, and some people keep ranting about it:

As the story goes, Obama then took the oath again, this time with the correct wording.

But, as other people were quick to notice, the Bible was missing from the procedure. Do you see a Bible in this picture? No, and neither do I.

Every secret becomes eventually a matter of public knowledge, and the Elders decided that now, when the goose is already cooked, it could be served.

The story starts with this guy:

You can read and view his story in the link above. Notice his main concern:

But he said he would not like to become an official body-double for Obama as he was worried about the possibility of getting shot.
Too bad, Ilhan. Of course the guy was spirited away by the Secret Service quicker than you can say "alien abduction". And now he is living a challenging, albeit somewhat hectic life of a POTUS double. Naturally, many things in hitherto distant and strange country seem bewildering to Ilhan. Like, for instance, the sudden decision that he'll replace the POTUS in the inauguration ceremony and, especially, the Secret Service guy saying "let this guy freeze his nuts off...". And they didn't give Ilhan any nuts besides... strange people. And of course, he mixed the words they told him to study by heart, because he was frightened by all these people standing around looking at him.

And the next day was even stranger. Ilhan was just exiting a restroom, when the same Chief Justice who looked at him so fierce the other day, stumbled right upon him. He pushed that same old and musty Bible in Ilhan's hands and said "Now repeat what I say, I don't have no time to spare, there is a poker game starting soon in...".

The Secret Service guy who was following Ilhan interrupted the judge "No, sir, this is the wrong one, the real POTUS is waiting in that room over there, with all the reporters".

"Aw, heck", says the Chief Justice and runs away guided by the Secret Service chap - forgetting the book in Ilhan's hands. Ilhan, seeing as he is not needed at the moment and having a book in his hand, has done what any man in this situation would do: namely, he returned back to the restroom.

So this is why the second oath was taken without a Bible. That simple.

Of course, if you believe that the story is really that simple, you are a simpleton. Everything, starting with the first, botched, oath and ending with spiriting the Bible away, was orchestrated by our omnipresent and ever-manipulative outfit.

To start with, Judge John Roberts is as Jooish as gefilte fish (some say even more - as if it is possible). And sure as death and taxes he will not be hurrying to play poker - rushing to a place where a minyan was needed urgently is more likely...

And the purpose of the whole charade with the first, second and third attempt at the oath: Chief Justice has smuggled into the White House a rare ancient copy of a Torah, kept in his coat (notice the coat is on in the picture - have you asked yourself why?). The copy is said to have many supernatural qualities, one of them being an instant conversion to Judaism of any person whose hand is shaken by the Torah carrier.

And when BHO was high-fiving the the Chief Justice after the oath (see them going at it in that photo above), he got it.

I hope you got it too by now.

So, when our next PM says "I have the White House in my pocket" or some other words to that effect, it wouldn't be a fake "Zionist quote" from a Neo-Nazi site anymore, but a real McCoy...


In the next installment: the subliminal message recorded and played to the millions of people who watched the inauguration - whether in Washington or on TV...
The working title: "Perlman? We'll show you a Perlman!"