23 January 2009

Another look from afar

Again from down under: an anti-Israeli* demo in Melbourne, as documented by Nilk. Two of my favorites:

I hope that kid didn't get tired schlepping this one and done her Mom and Dad proud.

Nilk says: "I think this guy's suffering from an unintended irony attack." Who am I to argue?

(*) Could we stop already with that "anti-Israeli" crap? The familiar face could be clearly seen now, one would assume.

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elanainisrael said...

In the photo - supposedly the demonstration in Australia - 
two questions: is that Tammy, the fat girl with the tyre around her middle and sagging boobs dressed in purple and black  - the bleached bottle blond?
Knowing Tammy as well as I do now - I am sure that she will make a point of letting me who it is in her now familiar colorful verbage. 
Second question:  Where is her Palestinian parrot - I miss his disgusting views - apparently he is busy inserting his finger .....

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, well, but do we really care by now?