05 January 2009

We are... what?

At the beginning I just wanted to lift the picture from this post by Andrew Ian Dodge:

But then, the whole post has to be repeated, so here it goes:

Stating your objection to something Israel does is your right, though I will probably disagree with you. However, if you lead a rally with signs like this, don’t act shocked when people consider you a jew-hating scumbag like the rest of Hamas. It would actually help if you realised that: 1. Hamas was elected to run Gaza 2. Hamas clearly states they hate all Jews and want to see Israel wiped of their face of the earth…its in their charter. 3. Hamas are not keen on gays (they kill them), have brought back crucifixion and don’t like women much either.
And the hilarious:
Update: Are these the most clueless Hamas supporters ever?
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