14 February 2009


Well, the Sitemeter is not a most precise measurement tool, and during these years it surely missed a thousand visitors here and ten thousand there, but here we are - visitor # 500,000:

And with a good enough reason to stop by: "longest fart" (it's about Galloway, of course).

Of course, some blogs reach that number in a day, but still, for a microblog it's a milestone.

There are a few surfers that I caught on the way to this number that surely deserve a mention:

"is angelina jolie jew"? I am not sure, but these kids of her should be watched, seeing as Brad is into Jewish hillbilly issues lately.

"mossad miss deeds". Well, everyone gets his own: you get a missus and Mossad gets a miss. Sometimes.

"jennifer lopez snake". It's a tough one, but I think it's rather Cicciolina you had in mind.

But the best one was this - number 500001:

"bar refaeli and peace in the middle east". Yes, bro, I really dig this! Thanks - it's a capital idea.