23 February 2009

Indy unmasks America

No, really, it is neither a joke nor an exaggeration, here is the full headline:

America unmasked: The images that reveal the Ku Klux Klan is alive and kicking in 2009

I'm not sure it's my job to protect America from Independent, besides the article is ridiculing the headline so well:

Today the Klan is a mere shadow of what it used to be and there are at least 34 differently named Klan groups. “They are a fairly low-rent bunch of people, many of whom use their local organisations as a way of raising money for themselves,” says Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama.
And more:
At its peak the KKK boasted four million members and controlled the governor’s mansions and legislatures of several states. Since the 1930s the KKK has been in a state of disorganisation and today it probably has 6,000 members.
Anyway, if a British scribe decides to unmask America, who am I to argue? Unmask at will.

Just, after finishing it, maybe he could spare a few minutes for a small local issue:


What do you think?

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