11 February 2009

Israeli elections: the loosers and the winners

It is not yet finalized, but any changes in the election results will be minor. So:

The biggest looser of them all. He thought that pushing the elections forward will speed up his way to the throne. In fact, I am taking the previous sentence back - no one, including himself, knows what exactly he was thinking about. What is definite - the knives in the Labor's kitchen are already being sharpened. Time for a barbecue, and the calf is fat enough.

The man whose results always end up quite a bit short of his long-range (ballistic?) plans. He will probably end up as a PM, in a government teared apart by mutual hate between his partners, some of them so far right-wing that he will find it hard to swallow (but swallow he will). Another short-lived abomination of a government...

She made a valiant effort, however the real winner has done his best, and his best was good enough to derail her efforts.

This one really thinks he is a winner. However, is it indeed a win - being able to bite PM's sensitive bits when it's considered convenient or simply for fun? I don't know. Do you?

Now - the picture of a real winner. He has done his best* to put a right-wing government in place, to ensure that the strife will continue and that more "martyrs" will die for the cause. He probably knows that he is leading the list of the candidates for the virgin-groppers, but he's already visited Mecca and it doesn't bother him in the slightest. So be it - I, for one, wouldn't waste tears for the creep.

And so it goes...

(*) The statistics show overwhelming support for right-wing parties in all areas that suffered rocket attacks, so Hamas didn't miss its target after all. And no, I don't believe Bibi will be able to do better with rockets.