19 February 2009

Let them be, David

David Taube, aka David T of Harry's Place, makes another valiant effort to separate the wheat from the chaff in his article Why we must reclaim antiracism from the far left (on CiF, of all places). Of course, it got the CiF sewer life boiling and babbling, as could be seen from the comments (don't read them all, it's a clear health hazard).

What can I say to David? It's too late, in my humble opinion. There is one (admirable) attempt to explain the behavior of the so called "anti-Zionist" crowd in the comments, made by participant nicknamed afinch:

But, the real problem with anti-semitism is that the those who hate Israel for political reasons, and those who hate Jews for racial or religious reasons, each assume the other is on their side and really thinks like them. The Guardianistas assume the thugs painting swastikas on graves are poor troubled Muslim kids protesting about big bad Israel, and when the thugs hear the incessant righteous condemnation of Israel for everything it does, they see this as tacit support for their hatred of Jews.
Beg your pardon, afinch: you err on the side of caution. Your description could have been relevant some years ago. Today those who hate Israel for political reasons and the Jew-haters have inter-married so closely, embracing Guardianistas and poor troubled Muslim kids that it's virtually impossible to distinguish between the ones who paint swastikas on graves, the ones who simply hate Zionizm and/or Jooz, the ones who get off condemning Israel for everything and the ones who post hateful comments in that thread.

No more time for that luxury.

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