08 February 2009

1/15 revisited and NTSB as a ranning lackey dog

of the ChimpHitleroBush, of course, what have you thought about?

This article shows clearly enough to what lengths some people are ready to go to protect the ZioImperioFascists. Even now, with the advent of the enlightened age of Obama, the cover-up continues:

Investigators said last month they found a single feather and evidence of "soft-body impact damage" on the aircraft. The find reinforces the pilot's report that the plane was brought down by a flock of birds.
Is anyone really able to believe that pathetic concoction? A feather, the likes of which could be collected in thousands during a half hour stroll in a park, is supposed to cover a controlled demolition of the plane's engine? Who do these people think the readers are? When the evidence of Bush running away from the scene of the crime, holding what is clearly a remote control unit, is out there for all to see:

And you, our dear reader: doesn't the whole story of the feather miraculously and conveniently surviving the passage through the furnace of 100,000 degrees hot plane engine, the impact of the plane hitting the water, the Hudson river with its voracious cod, its sardines, its cuttlefish, its octopi sound preposterous to you?

No worries - the Truth Will Out!