05 February 2009

Iran's Mysterious Spy Satellite

Time to reuse this old post. Seeing as how excited some people are.

As it is widely know (for example from
here), Iran is operating its first spy satellite since last October. What was not so widely know is that a long row of mysterious malfunctions was baffling Iranian scientists from the word go. The first three pictures produced by Sina-1 leaked to our sources and are presented here for the first time.

At the last interview the Iranian Space Agency chief scientist refused to comment on the above pictures, claiming that "a) the pictures are fake and b) we'll find the source of the leak and deal with him anyway".
The only other sentence uttered by the chief scientist was: "Allah willing, under unwavering and glorious guidance of our wise Ayatollahs and our dear President, the Islamic scientists will overcome the.."
At this stage the man broke down in tears and was escorted away by his assistants.


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