04 February 2009

So many things I've not investigated yet...

After reading this, I've started to doubt a lot of things:

The Treviso priest said he could not say for sure that people were murdered in the gas chambers because he had not investigated the claim.
I have never been in Vatican, and now I think that I am not sure whether it's not a figment of my imagination. Some people say it exists, but so what? They have a vested interest, mayhaps.

I have never seen a human-built object landing on the Moon, at least not as far as I have investigated - which I haven't.

I have never seen an internal combustion chamber personally. They say it exists and works each time I put my foot down on that pedal, but who can really say?

I do suspect that celibate priests exist only in order to molest their colleagues and passing by kids, since I have never investigated any claims to the contrary.

I don't believe in existence of a deity - any deity - since I have not investigated the subject personally.

Electrons - don't even start - it must be really a fruit of your imagination - I mean, come on...

Are there really priests in Treviso? What is Treviso in any case? Again, you must reign your imagination in a bit. I have not investigated this issue, ergo - no Treviso and no priests for now.

Be quiet. It's only a random list - soon most of you will be erased out of your imaginary existence. I have just started on the list of things I have not yet investigated...