09 February 2009

Vatican - taken over by solipsists?

So it looks in the next round of that tragicomedy "Second Stupid Sermon Sayer Slips into Solipsism". Following that first character from Treviso, the British/Argentinian bishop Williamson decided to play the "I haven't seem the evidence" trick.

"If I find proof I would rectify (earlier statements)... But all that will take time," Bishop Richard Williamson was quoted as saying by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.
Rectify this, dear Bishop...

More interesting: does Vatican as a whole start sliding into solipsism?

In related news: Pope denies existence of Bishop Williamson.
They say there is some British SOB in Argentina who regularly spits in our lasagna? I have not investigated this, ergo he doesn't exist.
The salary rosters of Vatican are being updated as we speak...