01 February 2009

Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland

Says Peter Beaumont (of course, it's Guardian):

The wholesale destruction of farms, greenhouses, dairy parlours, livestock, chicken coops and orchards has damaged food production, which was already hit by the blockade.
A reminder may help:


And after:

No, it's not before and after the Cast Lead operation - it's before and after the disengagement from Gaza.

As a side remark to the veteran "expert" in Middle East: the sentence "As well as the physical damage done by Israeli bulldozers, bombing and shelling, land has been contaminated by munitions, including white phosphorous, burst sewerage pipes, animal carcasses and even asbestos used in roofing." could do with some sorting out. I don't mean the wrong use of "phosphorous" (it's an adjective, should be "phosphorus"), which is, if not a lie, at least a vast exaggeration. I rather mean the classification of sewerage pipes, animal carcasses and asbestos as munitions.

And another hint to Mr Beaumont - the width of the "no go" zone near the Gaza border may have to do with he incessant digs (I bet archeological) by the Hamas folks, mortar shelling and sniping at Israeli farmers on the other side, don't you think so?


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