25 February 2009

Pius X society: not just Bishop Williamson's pretty face

While most of the media interest is focused on the story of the Bishop, some people have decided to take a close look at the Pius X society. Quite a can of worms it appears to be too.

This is in many ways worse than the outrageous statements of bishop Williamson denying the Holocaust and the existence of gas chambers. Williamson is a lone fool and not taken serious by the masses, whereas here we are talking about an entire society comprising thousands of priests spreading hatred to hundreds of thousands around the world (The Saint Pius X society is believed to have between 600.000 and 1 million followers). Another difference with Williamson is that, how undeniably awful his lies may be, they negate the past. Yet what we have uncovered here is preaching of lies and hate against Jews today thereby once again promoting hatred against the Jewish people.
So, as it appears, belittling the issue by concentrating on a single odious character, could as well be a deliberate exercise in misdirection by Vatican.

Hat tip: Christian Attitudes.