20 February 2009

Passover is nigh and some Elders' security issues

Inter-departmental memo

Elder's HQ

To: Internal Security mgr.
Fm: Hasbarah dept mgr.
CC: Inhuman Resources dept. mgr.
Date: _____________

Subject: Sensitive information leakage.


It will be a short one this time, just take a look at this:

I have only two points to make on the above:

  1. Did I or didn't I tell you that your bright idea to install CCTV in the offices to find out who steals the silverware and the napkins from the officers' cantina is crap?
  2. Did I or didn't I tell you that your push for the Al Quds Catering Ltd. as our food supplier is bound to end in tears? Equal opportunity - shmequal opportunity notwithstanding? You want the best humus in the Middle East - get your fat ass off your chair and go buy it outside for all I care.
Now the contents of my secret meeting with K. from G. are public property, my mug is all over Middle East (to start with) TV stations and your chances to partake of properly baked Passover matzos are not much better than your chances to keep this job, you miserable ....[censored before publication].

My recommendation for your transfer to the latrine detail for the rest of your service attached.

Yours [censored]

Hat tip Israellycool.