24 February 2009

Oh, these Jewish...

From the Chechen martyrs' Kavkaz Center site:

Jewish kidnapped 7600 Palestinian children

Palestinian researcher, specializing in detainees' affairs, Awni Farawna, stated that the Zionist gangs have kidnapped a total of 7600 Palestinian children, males and females, since the year 2000; 246 children are still behind bars, International Middle East Media Center reported.
Let's see: 7600 - 246 = 7354. Divided by 9, it makes an average of 817 kids per year. Assuming each kid is good for 4 liters of blood, it comes to 3268 liters of blood each year. Hmm... almost sufficient for this:

Taking into account our other sources from abroad, it covers the country's needs for every Passover.

Jewish happy. Jewish fill stomach. Jewish baaaad....

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