11 July 2011

Yeah... apparently Nazi is in the eyes of the beholder

One wishes to be fair and balanced, like some other people. So, without further ado:

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino has ordered an investigation against producers of a YouTube video that compares police special forces to Nazis.
Nope, the authors are not left wing do-gooders in the frenzy of... er... do-gooding. Because:
The video shows footage taped at a number of right-wing protests, combining the footage with scenes from Nazi Germany showing soldiers beating prisoners.
So, yes, to be fair and balanced: why don't we put these ones in the same detention cells where these ones are kept? For fairness sake. And without undue emotions and, deity forbid, rancor or summat other in this vein.

Meanwhile, enjoy the imagery:


Pisa said...

Some weeks ago I was on a bus to Tel Aviv and just behind me were sitting two young men, one of them clearly very right-wing. When their conversation drifted to TA University, the right-winger said "I wouldn't study there, they're all leftist traitors, they should all be killed". Just like that. No curses, no passion, no debate - just a cold-blooded statement. Chilled me to the bones.

The only difference between extreme right-wingers and their leftist counterparts is that the former are very open about their goals, while the latter bend over backwards to hide the true nature of their ideology even from themselves.

Looking at all the hard work these people are doing with their video editing, I can't help wondering what fanatics like them have done over the centuries to keep their respective flocks within the ranks of their respective religious communities. I know it's off topic, but it's frightening to think that entire cultures, traditions and even civilizations are based on webs of lies and deception. How would the human race fare without the constant editing of our primary beliefs? (this is an afterthought, not meant to justify in any way the modern plague of video editing).

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, they should be treated in the same way - I mean cold-blooded.