04 July 2011

This is a liberal nowadays?

I don't want to spoil the Independence Day for any of my American friends, but it so happened that I stumbled on two clips at the same time, and they must be seen to be believed. In the first one the current voice of what is considered "liberal" left, Janeane Garofalo, dispenses her wisdom to another guru, Keith Olbermann. Janeane has for a long time claimed that anyone who objects to the current administration in general and president Obama in particular is racist. Now she took it another step forward.

I hope you noticed the part where she rips into Clarence Thomas. If not, here is the essence of it:

...she goes on to accuse Clarence Thomas of "Stockholm Syndrome" because he is married to a white woman who is involved with the Tea Party movement and she questions why Clarence Thomas isn't insulted by her activities with this inherently racist group. You know, because Thomas, a black man, is supposed to think a certain way because he is a black man.

Now, please explain to us how that isn't racism?
I fully expected her to use the Uncle you know who at some stage. Hideously stupid and self-important creature is our Janean, isn't she?

The second episode doesn't require any explanation:

I remember times when Bill Maher was funny (ain't I ancient?) These days, in fact quite some time ago, he turned into some shriveled, creepy and poisonous parody of himself. What he considers a joke now could be found on the walls of public restrooms, where janitors are too squeamish even to erase some especially virulent texts.

Anyway,  these are two (or two and a half, Olbermann included)  shining examples of what is called "liberal" nowadays. I have always cringed at the liberal use of the term "liberal" by my right-wing friends. Most of the Americans today either forgot the true definition of the word or, in fact, adopted the wrong meaning from day one, without consulting a dictionary.

To use an example, Janeane Garofalo and Bill Maher are to liberal thought what Benito Mussolini was to communism. More or less. If these two are liberals, consider me a staunch Republican. Where do I sign up for a membership card?


Debbie Right Truth said...

I too can remember when Mahr, hubby and I actually watched his show eons ago.  I never could stand Garofalo, she's always been a loon.  I can't even stand watching her 'act' in movies or TV, because I know how vile she is in real life.  I suppose we do need to stop calling them liberals and use more appropriate terms.  

Right Truth

Peter Risdon said...

Yes, there's nothing liberal about these people, whatever they like to call themselves. But reclaiming the word for it's proper meaning is very difficult.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I agree. We can as well give up, but the word, of course, is less important than what is happening.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Exactly. But since it's holiday I would not use some of the terms appropriate to such people.

Dick Stanley said...

Was Maher really ever funny, or were our politics just different? He's always been a mean S.O.B.

By the way, the Garofalo clip seems to be rigged to start up on arrival at SJ, or else something's wrong with my system. I have to stop the clip every time I visit.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I think he was funny and much less political once.

As for the clip starting: it's not Youtube, all I know about it. Anyway, I use Firefox with Flashblock that blocks all clips until I choose to open them.

Dick Stanley said...

I never noticed the problem before, but I did get the add-on after I noticed that it would also help prevent malware takeovers. I have had a few of those.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's a good add-on, supposed to improve FF performance too.