24 July 2011

Iran trying to drive a wedge between US and Israel

And the buggers are doing it subtly this time:

Larijani blames Israel, US for death of Iran physicist

Difficult really to count the prongs in this attack. To start with: if the wet job was a joint exercise, then there were two people on that bike. So who was the driver and who was the shooter? Does it mean, for instance, that Americans are better bikers and Israelis are better shooters or what? Potential rivalry is brewing, I can see it.

Now to the prize money split: who gets more - the biker or the shooter?

Then the issue of related expense reports. Iranians are devilishly using the two respective bureaucracies - that of CIA and that of Mossad - that would forever withhold paying the chits, pointing to the other side and thus paralyzing the system.

Tough play, that...


Dick Stanley said...

Iran doesn't need a wedge. They already have the best one they could get in Obama.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That is a sad reality too.