29 July 2011

Israel, dinosaurs, Amy Winehouse and pathetic shits

So here I was perusing a steamy pile of virtual excrement titled Israel, Dinosaurs, and Amy Winehouse. The link to it was sent by a friend (thanks, friend!), who added a sentence mentioning pathetic shits or something in that vein. Indeed, it was a fitting tribute to this opus and much too kind, as far as I am concerned.

The author calls her/him/them-selves "I4P Writers Group" and declares "We are a team of bloggers we comprise a group of 5 writers in Ireland and 1 in Israel...".Whatever they comprise, even to my amateur eye English doesn't look like their mother tongue - notice "over indulgence", "cause it's ultimate destruction", "exept", starting every second paragraph with "So", etc. Read this if you are still unconvinced:

So, this brings me to the evil rogue state of israel, which, funnily enough, as it turns out, has quite a lot in common with Amy Winehouse, exept she had a great voice and didnt kill people constantly, they both suffered from the same affliction.
I have seen many a "How I spent my summer" work penned by a better hand. But style, atrocious as it is, takes its hat off and bows deeply to the heinousness of the contents.

A detail of a slight interest: these folks calls themselves "Unrepentant Fenian Bastards" (and Belfast is mentioned), according to their avatar:
Out of idle interest: is their visceral hate of Israel some kind of ersatz for their hate of the past (and, in part, present) occupier? Not that it's in any way important, but could be a telling detail.

So here I am reading it and otherwise browsing aimlessly, and suddenly I see that Bradley Burston has already got onto that case. What he says, essentially, is expressed in the lede:
There's cowardice in an opinion piece that uses the dead to sell hatred to the living. The dead deserve better. So do the living.
Yep. Too true, the cheap way of rushing to score a political point or two and dancing on the graves is a popular pastime of cheap scribes. Torrents of propaganda unleashed by the Norway massacre are despicable. And Bradley is right comparing the "I4P Writers Group" opus and its use of Amy Winehouse' name and fate to the JP editorial (I suspect I could guess its author's name in a pinch). The editorial, in its more polished way, does its own bit of dancing on the graves, and the impression is not much less ghoulish.

Still, there is one detail Bradley has missed. Or, perhaps, he just has chosen to concentrate on his main thesis. However, the exceptional hate of Israel radiated by the Unrepentant Fenian Bastards and already mentioned, deserves a bit more attention. Bradley quoted this passage along with the other material:
But, guess what? Israel is not 'God' and ultimately what killed Amy Winehouse will also kill off Israel as well. All we have to do is wait, and just keep on chip, chip, chipping away at the out of control, over excessive, over indulgent, spoilt brat killer bully that we now know as Israel.
Emphasis mine.

Kill off Israel... I guess we should be grateful to I4P Writers Group for their straightforward no-nonsense attitude. And if anyone wants to persuade me that their fervor is fueled solely by their love of the people of Gaza, he/she is welcome to try, but all the bets are off.

Well, that's it about this team of Fenians. They  are willing to keep on chip, chip, chipping and I am willing to keep wait, wait, waiting - we, the Red Sea pedestrians, are good at that and have already outwaited few pretty serious bastards. And a pathetic shitty gang of maritime losers is hardly going to impress us. Beyond that I don't see much need (or purpose) for further discussion of the perfectly odious obvious.

So, here I am, poring over three articles and surfing around some related stuff, when lo and behold:

Op-ed, and not in some provincial rag, but in the august NYT. Now we shall get the gospel, finally the tragic events will be sorted out and explained to us. Oh well, don't be building your hopes up. The article is a usual bloviating scoring of political points. With a few items wanting a special mention. One, when the term "fellow traveler" is used - by one of the more experienced fellow travelers of the current century. And two other points (at least) in the final paragraph of that article:
Nothing, however, can excuse the widespread condoning of an anti-Muslim racism once reserved for the Jews of Europe. Not on the weekend when Amy Winehouse, a Jewish girl from East London whose artistry would once have been dismissed by a racist and murderous European right as degenerate “cosmopolitan” trash, died. A good way to remember her is finally to confront the latest iteration of a European bigotry that kills.
Amazing, ain't it? First of all, that "anti-Muslim racism" idiocy - from a luminary of NYT, no less. And then poor Amy Winehouse again - will the point scorers leave her alone, I wonder?

So, what can one do after all that? Do you know what: let's follow Bradley's advice and listen to that piece by Amy Winehouse:

And try to cheer up after all that crap...

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Noga said...

Roger seems to float on flatulance of his own florid verbosity. 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And be pretty happy with that.

Francis Sedgemore said...

"<span>And try to cheer up after all that crap..."</span>

Done the job nicely - ta muchly!

Sleep tight, Amy dear.

jams o donnell said...

The more I se, the more Iam convinced of an dire international conspiracy. Nothing to do with zionism or the NWO or aliens for that matter, I wonder if there is a secret non-partisan, non-denominational convention where fuckwits come together to decide what bollocks they wil spout for the coming year.

"Okay it's agreed: Pam you will continue to froth at the mouth over islam, Hugo, George, you will praise the following despots to the high heavens, Westboros, don't forget that God hates Liechtenstein too...."

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, I believe I can see it: "Dorks of the world, unite!"

SnoopyTheGoon said...


GideonSwort said...

<p><span>Jams dear, it's worse than that. This has more to do with NHS failings than everything else.<span> </span>
Years of cuts have left us with otherwise certifiable, derailed notjobs and morons free to roam the dark corners of websphere, where they can find each other and gather in lunatic pods. They feed off each other’s froth and multiply, creating a flawed genus that retards this subculture treewards. When away from blogs, you can see them roaming the green fields of Blighty sniffing around cow patties looking for diminutive enchanted mushrooms that are the main staple of their ritual self medication. Another visual giveaway is corduroy blazers with leather elbow patches. <span> </span><span> </span><span> </span><span> </span><span> </span></span>


jams o donnell said...

Gideaon: Corduroy blazers with leather patches? You describe 75% of my teachers... or perhaps Hornchurch had more than its fair share!

GideonSwort said...

Yup, that would be them in early onset.