25 July 2011

Far right and far wrong

You should read it to a) educate yourself and b) to learn how not to jump into the fray with all the wrong battle cries.


Pisa said...

People love labels. Make them feel secure - once a problem has been diagnosed, they tell themselves, chances are there'll be a way to make it go away.

Some 6-7 years ago I was an avid reader of Pamela Geller and Gates of Vienna myself. I've come to my senses since, but this experience helped me realize that knowing both sides of the spectrum is the best way to understand what's really going on. That's why I rarely  "jump into the fray with all the wrong battle cries" (at least I hope I don't). Unfortunately, too many people need to attach themselves to one side of the spectrum in search for answers and "inner peace".  Jumping like grasshoppers along the spectrum is unsettling, I can tell you that. Everyone on the "other side" is the enemy - be it neo-nazi, zionist, communist, islamophobe - everything goes as long as it looks bad. I believe that a huge percent of all those who stick the "neo-nazi" label don't even know what a real neo-nazi looks like.

This particular norwegian reminds me of another aryan-blond superhero out there - they both have in common the burning desire to save humans from themselves. Judging by the very good intentions of all sides involved, we are on the way to hell.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, on the way to hell one can enjoy the views at least.