06 July 2011

U.S. Army Bans FiveFingers shoe

I wondered, reading this story: usually decision mills in the army (any army) grind very slow. Why such haste in this case?

Try to imagine a unit of GIs advancing on the enemy ranks shod in these. I would be terrified, frankly.

And if the army would have gone one additional step: allow soldiers to paint each finger in a different color, according to his/her taste, the enemy could be not only terrified but confused as well. Easy victory is practically guaranteed.

At least, army could have offered a compromise: allow the middle toe to be separated. Imagine...


Dick Stanley said...

I saw a father (not a kid, but a father) wearing these at Mr. B.'s camp pickup day last week. I thought to myself, how ridiculous looking. But the army? They already sanctioned those ridiculous Euro berets. (Apologies to the IDF.)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Berets are somewhat ridiculous. But in IDF they are mainly for parade uniform.