19 July 2011

And you thought senior cops don't piss?

Think again:

The story appears to be true:

The official examination didn't reveal signs of editing in the video, which captured a police colonel urinating outside his office.
However, the head of directorate requested additional and comprehensive verification, since the reported results do not provide complete and objective picture of what happened and, besides, causes and conditions that contributed to the emergence of controversial video, which caused great public interest, have not been established.
The name of the perpetrator, who was obviously blotto, is revealed: Colonel Alexei Isakov.

I am real busy, but this is objectively and completely uber-cool, so...


Dick Stanley said...

Okay, so Alexei was blotto. How come none of the rest of those bureaucrats bothered to clean it up? I know, I know. "Not my department."

SnoopyTheGoon said...

They all were leaving it to the night janitor, I guess.