12 July 2011

BDS and the unbearable lightness of lawmaking

To avoid unnecessary explanations later: this here blog has no time for the BDS creepy-crawly activists. However, saying this, I have to add that this here blog doesn't have any time for tsunamis, bubonic plague, droughts and many other wonders of nature as well. It will be safe to guess that most of the citizens share most of the above mentioned sentiments.

But what I don't understand and even take an exception to is the steadily increasing tendency of our lawmakers (or Knesset in other words) to cope with any phenomenon that is not to their liking by promoting a law that will forbid it. Such was the fate of the infamous BDS.

The bill makes publicly calling for a boycott that could harm Israel “economically, culturally or academically” a civil violation, which may carry a fine.

Additionally, anyone who calls for a boycott can be rejected from working for the state, and an organization that boycotts the state may not be considered a public institution for purposes of receiving state funding or tax breaks.
Do you get it? BDS, a campaign upheld by all kinds of foreign folks and causing some minor economic harm and heartburn, is outlawed now. In Israel itself, of all places. Unless, of course, our Knesset, in its infinite wisdom, has found a way to fine Naomi Klein (to take one example) and/or deny her some tax breaks.

Yes, there are some local supporters of BDS, unfortunately. These ones, however, aside of some vague and vacuous noise, don't really divest and sanction - producing only noise. As do many of the esteemed MKs. Noise of that kind, let's be frank with ourselves, no matter how annoying, is usually protected in all self-respecting democratic countries. Freedom of speech they call it, and I am not going now to delve into the murky waters of legal definition of speech. Or freedom, for that matter.

Apparently our MKs, when they are annoyed, tend to forget the little and inconsequential detail which is that word "democratic". Zealots tend to do it from time to time. I only hope that, as it inevitably happens with such idiotic attempts of gutsy lawmaking, this law will be stricken by the High Court of Justice as well. And that with passage of time we'll be able to forget the embarrassing situation.

Now about the wonders of nature to outlaw: what is your opinion about mosquitoes? This year the freaking monsters are really ruining my life, encroaching on many of my civil rights. So why not...

P.S. To give you  a sense of proportion: some of the lawmakers behind the bill consider Glenn Beck to be a softie and leftie. So there.


Dick Stanley said...

Boycott-em-back would make more sense. They boycott Israel, Israel bans sale of their products or entry.

For instance, ban the boycotting Presbyterian church and its priests from using Ben-Gurion to get to Ramallah. Make 'em travel through Jordan or Syria. Much simpler and not as likely to violate speech freedoms.

It is confusing. Everytime I see BDS I think it means Bush Derangement Syndrome, which now, of course, should be ODS.

As for Beck, he is a softie, i.e. Ruth and Esther.

Yitzchak Goodman said...

I agree. Laws should not limit politcal speech, even the poitical speech of BDS cretins.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

This is why we have some cretins in the Knesset, responding to everything with a new law.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, but laws are simpler. Just sit up and vote.

jams o donnell said...

Like the BDS stance or not (am in the latter), hitting them with legislation is sheer stupidity. THe Knesset is simply gifting anti Israelis with another cheap propaganda coup,

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, our Knesset is blessed by overflow of stupidity.