11 July 2008

Shock bracelet for airline passengers - the brave new world

No worries, people, it's for our own good:

In order to enhance the security of air travel and to help manage illegal immigration, the Department of Homeland Security has solicited a proposal from a Canadian security company to develop a passenger stun bracelet. Like the pain collars featured in the classic Star Trek episode The Gamesters of Triskelion, Lamperd Less Lethal's electro-muscular disruption (EMD) bracelet is intended to incapacitate wearers on remote command.
Why, Department of Homeland Security just does its job. And you, the prospective passenger - meanwhile you can see that video. Notice the persuasive image used to sell you this idea. Notice the voice, eerily similar to the one you frequently hear in the safety instructions clip you see before the take-off. So habit-forming, so hypnotic...

It is educational to read the comments to this article by Washington Times. For some reason many people see the Canadian company as a chief perpetrator of this horror. Forgetting who is behind this idea.

I would like to suggest to DHS that they haven't yet thought the idea through to its logical end. Why not install a device that already has all the information about the "passenger", the location chip, the immobilizing thingy and whatnot, directly into the backside of every newborn? For his/her own good, of course...

No, I don't go as far as some commentators on this article. I am not at all sure that it's about torture, black helicopters, concentration camps, mass graves and the insidious world government (Zionist owned, of course). But I doubt very much that I'll ever fly with US airlines once this or similar measure comes into force.

And a small reminder to all my American friends:
They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.