30 July 2008

Er... whom do I shoot now, chief?

If this report by Debka is to be believed (well, you know how it is with Debka...), belief in this case is an achievement. Follow some choice quotes:

The Alawites, who dominate the Assad regime in Syria, fought under Syrian military intelligence officers in civilian garb with weapons supplied from Damascus. The anti-Syrian Sunnis are armed by the Lebanese majority bloc led by Saad Hariri.

...Syrian officers have ordered the Alawite fighters to drive Hizballah militiamen out of their district.

Damascus is seen as drawing the line against the spread of Hizballah and Iranian influence from Beirut to northern Lebanon, a region it views as exclusive Syrian turf. The Syrians are at the same time working closely with Iran and Hizballah in central and southern Lebanon opposite Israel and the US Sixth Fleet which patrols the eastern Mediterranean.
How do Lebanese folks decide who to shoot next at? Do they use dice?

(Notice that Amal, several factions of Christians and the Druse are not even mentioned.)