01 July 2008

Deborah Fink strikes again, or how not to piss on other people's parade

Never forget that in order to piss on someone (or someone's parade) you have to be a person of some, how to say it gently, stature. Otherwise the only thing you produce is a small puddle.

Yeah, and calling British bobbies "fascists" is soooo sixties...

Via David T.

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Carl said...

This person should be admired, as it is easier to criticise people from the comfort of your keyboard.

Anyway, it's not long before Israel will implode.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, keep dreaming, Carl. Just make sure to change the sheets after these dreams.


wallyj said...

 Carl,I may be wrong,but I assume that you are one of many who support the belief that life in Palestine is horrid,because of the evil joooos.

 This site is the 'Palestinian Bureau of Statistics'. It gives data on life in the territories.


It has some startling facts. Did you know that 97% of the households have satellite TV.I'm shocked. Why don't they all? Probably the evil joooos and George Bush had a hand in it. Well,not probably,they did,I know it.

  Also,if that site is too difficult for you to roam around in,try the UN site,look for the Human Development Index. This site will show you that islamic countries are always at the bottom of the list when it comes to human rights,gender equality.etc. Once again,it must be the evil joos,or Tony Blair maybe.