27 July 2008

Foul and fetid

When Norm, whom I consider to be a golden standard of elegance, understatement and general politeness, says this and then this about another Guardian's "leader", I, being known for an occasional attack of Turret (Tourette) syndrome, could be excused if I go a bit postal.

But then, why add to Norm's superb characterization of this cesspool that wants cleanup so badly for so many years, what with all the stinking shit-for-brains that happily swim in it for so long that they would most probably croak if exposed to fresh air? Offal eaters.

Anyway, exposing them to the fresh air would be a stupid idea. Fresh air is limited, and these stink bugs will contaminate too much of it. Let them wallow in the cesspool.


(*) This is a British term hardly ever grokked outside of Albion. Disregard if not a Brit.