21 July 2008

NYC - the health food Gestapo strikes again

It appears that the current powers that be in NYC are doing their best to take away any possibility to enjoy life. At least life as we knew it once. Starting with smoking ban in pubs, then the ban on artificial trans fats - and I am only mentioning the major milestones. One has a vague suspicion of NYC being taken over by some cabal of closet Californians. And the press seems to give a helping hand to this gang:

Customers at big fast-food chains in New York City are finally facing the facts about their meal choices. And for some, the truth may be hard to swallow — like 1,130 calories for a Big Mac, medium fries and a medium soda.
Yeah. It is like I eat calories. I have some news for you, dear headlines editor: I have never swallowed a single calorie - not that I have seen, at least. Of course, it could have been hiding somewhere in the lettuce or broccoli (grr...), but otherwise it was all straight no nonsense food I have been chewing upon.

What now? I am not into far-fetched conspiracy domain, but I have a suggestion to Mr. Bloomberg and his health-conscious collaborators: the stickers on food are not enough. You never know where a person have been and what he/she swallowed during a day. Who knows, some of these uncouth New Yorkers may have been scarfing illegal red meat, trans fats or, deity forbid, bacon! One has to be forever vigilant and not rely on stickers.

To this end I suggest checking (starting randomly and then making these checks compulsory for all on, say, weekly basis) the, how to say it gently - output produced by the suspe New Yorkers. I am not a New Yorker, but I think a first shipment of the output could be provided by some volunteers we can scare up. Just let me know the address. On the other hand, don't bother - we'll find it.