03 July 2008

Ingrid Betancourt is free


The United States was involved in the planning of the operation and provided “specific support,” the White House said. But officials there would not describe the nature of that support.
And to them too, especially taking into account that no blood was spilled.
On Colombian television, Ms. Betancourt wept and smiled as she recounted a chain of events that seemed scripted for film, complete with Colombian agents infiltrating guerrilla camps and borrowing Israeli tracking technology to zero in on their target.
And hurray to Israeli tracking technology!

And re this:
But we must ask ourselves if this imperialist intrusion should be accepted by the countries of the region.
And this:
It would be unfair not to allow Guatemalan and Peruvian helicopters landing in US detention centers for illegal immigrants, so they can rescue their citizens.
You need to lay off this white powder, hombre. It clearly scrambles your brains.

This is not to say that Colombian government is too "sympatico", but there are limits to crapola.