20 July 2008

More labor of love

Discovered recently a new and nifty widget in the Blogger. It's called My Blog List. What is does (besides linking your blog to others) is tracking the contents of the blogs you link to and displaying a link to the latest post. It is even able to provide an excerpt from that post, but I shall refrain from using this feature for a while.

The post so displayed is visible to the search engines, so it provides a link to your latest automatically and does some good to your ranking and stuff.

So I have invested a few hours, manually populating the blog list from the one I keep in Blogroll - more than 210 links in all. I hope you all appreciate how much I love you all. Really*.

And if I missed somebody, please let me know and I shall correct the oversight. It was really tiring, I have to add, and if you are not linked back to me, let it be on your conscience. Like forever.

Now, some blogs on my list appear not to have any feed that My Blog List could use to show your posts. Owners of such blogs will be able to see their blogs down in the list (in the bottom of the right column of this here blog). If you want to be in, please let me know how to get a feed from your place.

(*) But you must realize that I strongly disagree with most of the things you say, think and write. And that I may have to put you against the proverbial wall when the revolution comes. Although I am not considering one at the moment, so you may stay calm. For now.