19 February 2008

Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

The man is barely dead, but the contradictory information is being piled on by the media relentlessly. In a year or two we'll know even less about him than today.

To start with - the name. Mugniyah, Mugniyah, Murnieh, Mughniyeh, Moghaniyah... he is going to beat (posthumously) the infamous Moammar Kadafi / Gadaffi, he of many names.

Who killed him? Mossad, CIA, Syrians, Hezbollah, Diego Armando Maradona, the aliens - it is your guess.

Now even Mitsubishi Pajero that took him to paradise appears to be not his car at all.

Al Watan further said that the car Moghaniyah was in did not belong to him, as initially reported.
This part I can understand - he thought himself a real man, one that would be only seen dead in a car with this reputation. Which is what has happened, in fact...

But is it a fact? This article in Al Jazeera may have told more than intended. Take a look at this picture they have carelessly made public:

Elusive indeed, as you shall shortly see for yourself. Certainly more elusive than anyone imagined. Take a look at another mugshot:

Oh boy... Have they eventually got the poster man? I have always suspected that the story about his execution back then in Bolivia smells fishy. And that this caricature is wrong:

But if my hunch is true, the whole story of the Damascus assassination is a smokescreen. He is changing his identity again, I am afraid.

Confused? Discombobulated? I can understand it. But now let's make another logical step: if M was really C (or, rather, is C, because you just cannot kill off good ole C) - is M J... no, I simply cannot go there.

Do you feel the onset of total confusion? I do, and thus:

Update: Hezbolla meanwhile plays the comedy out:
Hizbullah won't rush to retaliate for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh but it eventually intends to target Israeli figures of a similar rank to the terror chief...
Sorry, but we have never had anyone as rank as this creep. Imagine the smell of his quasi-military garb after a few months in a cave. Duh...