13 February 2008

A strike in the dark indeed...

A Strike in the Dark is the headline of a huge opus by the inimitable Seymour Hersh about this mysterious sortie in Syria by IAF in September 2007.

I have only two or three things to say about this (7 pages!) article:

  1. My resolve in reading it through to the end was just sheer bloody-mindedness. Really.
  2. There isn't a single new crumb of information beyond what could be found in the myriad articles already printed on the subject.
  3. Mr Hersh invested a lot of ink (or virtual ink, whatever) in telling all of us once again how well-connected he is in this world.
  4. The result is excruciatingly boring - you have been warned!
  5. But I have liked the picture on the first page:

  6. While it is totally wrong, if you believe the first three words in the article ("Sometime after midnight"), there is something poetic in it, and I am sure the boy or girl on the other shore has something he/she will be able to tell the grandchildren.
  7. All in all - a load of crapola.
  8. But a huge one.