21 February 2008

Another day, another cable laid by CNN

It could have bothered me several years ago, today I am just registering it as another typical news item. This time from CNN:

Israel kills 4 Palestinians in Gaza operation
The headers-scrolling reader will get only this: Jooz continue killing defenseless Palestinians. A more curious person will peek at the beginning of the article:

An Israeli airstrike killed at least three Palestinians and wounded 16 others Sunday...
To learn about the fourth innocent victim, the reader will have only to go another sentence:
Another Palestinian was killed and 10 others wounded in an earlier incident...
99% of the readers will stop here, sated by the gory details as they are. And only a devilishly stubborn ones will go further, to the middle of that article, where some confusing information is located. About the first three:
The three gunmen were from Hamas and another militant faction, the Popular Resistance Committees, Hassanain told the newspaper.
And more about the fourth one:
Palestinian sources told CNN the person killed by Israeli gunfire was a "Palestinian activist."
Activist... What does an American reader imagine seeing this word? A nice young Mormon guy ringing at your door for a chat about the eternal and the really sacred? A tree-hugger parading half-dressed near a cosmetics lab? A frisky, but friendly volunteer for someone's election effort?

Anything but not a Kalashnikov - carrying martyr-to-be, that's for sure.

And this is the way it works...