01 February 2008

When some Jooz speak out

one wonders whether it would have been better for all concerned if they kept mum. A few handy recent examples here.

David Hazony quotes in the Commentary article Getting It Wrong Again on Gaza a new verbal escapade by the pride of our literature, A.B. Yehoshua.

If the US is a true friend of Israel, it must help her through a symbolic act of protest that would express its dissatisfaction. By doing so, it would boost and stimulate it, like a loving yet strong father, to start overcoming its addiction to this destructive drug.
That was re Israeli failure to dismantle West Bank outposts. Without going into rights and wrongs of the outposts issue, there is something sickish in that desire of a grown-up man for his country to be nurtured and told to by a (hopefully benevolent) daddy. Some spanking, Mr Yehoshua?

And here comes another wisenheimer - the president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor:
Israel's leadership should recognize that all the Jews in the world have the right to vote in Israel elections.
Dunno about the leadership, they may very well accept any outlandish idea. As for KISS (keep it simple & stupid) response to that desire: why not, Mr Kantor. But first come here, get a citizenship, settle down, make a few children, do some army service, you see what I mean? Meanwhile you can undeniably vote for the weather (more rain, please), for peace, for betterment of our uncouth behavior - all that from where you are now. Some people call it prayer, I believe.

And for dessert - another blooper from Amira Hass who issued an opus called Finally, a popular uprising. How popular could be seen from the first sentence.
The fall of the Rafah wall was a fitting combination of planning and the precise reading of the social and political map by the Hamas government...
With all due respect (and frankly, none is due from me), dear Ms Hass: "popular" means not quite what you have put on paper this time. Try again, please...