01 February 2008

Abu Laith al-Libi offed... or not

According to CNN:

Abu Laith al-Libi, a wanted al Qaeda terrorist, was killed in Pakistan by a CIA airstrike, three U.S. officials told CNN Thursday.
Why does it take three officials to produce one sentence is unclear, but this is not the main issue. The question is who it is exactly that was eliminated. Here is the picture from CNN:

But here we have another picture of a person in training you know where and for what:

Due to low quality of that shot you may have your doubts, especially with the beard not fully grown, but look at this now:

Since it was, most probably, a high altitude strike, we'll never know whether shreds of movie-making equipment were found at the site. So the mystery will not be resolved that soon.

But in any case - they have fixed one of the two, which is not bad.

All things considered...