20 February 2008

Tell me who your friends are...

I am not into American elections scene at all, catching only some ricochets from the friendly bloggers. So, following this tradition, a recent post by Ami Isseroff:

I can feel in my heart much better than I can explain, the need to make Barack Obama president, and the will to believe that this man who talks about change and has captured the imagination of the American people can really make it happen. I also want to believe that Barack Obama is the American leader who will finally have the stature to somehow make peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. That would truly be a wondrous miracle.

However, I am not willing to sacrifice Israel in order to realize the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Whatever my heart tells me, my head tells me that Wright, Malley and Brzezinsky can't be good for Israel, and if they are Obama's associates, whether day-to-day or only on Sundays, he can't be good for Israel. And my head also tells me that the villains of Washington DC or those in Tehran for that matter, cannot be defeated just by chanting "Yes we can."
Yep. The unholy trio of Wright, Malley and Brzezinsky makes me uncomfortable too. Especially the last "expert". Are we looking at another peanut president stretch?

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