13 February 2008

Imad Mughniyeh, may he Rest In Pieces

Imad Mughniyah aka Hajj, is one of the short list of people I would be happy to push a button at. No matter whodunit, he or she has performed a great service to the planet. There are hundreds (if not thousands) reasons why, read the linked above - it gives only bare bones on that vermin.

As to the who pushed the button: US and Israel have each a score to settle for a heck of a long time, and of course we cannot totally exclude the possibility of a spontaneous combustion of that Mitsubishi SUV he was in.

But my bet is on Argentina. First of all, their score is also quite high. Secondly, they have an ideal person to carry out the act. While in the haze of semi-permanent drug abuse he licks ass of many a tyrant, he is not above carrying a favor with powers that be in his home country. He is one of the few who are free to roam the places where the tyrants are nesting. And he has a lucky hand...

Good job, comrade!

Update: according to the latest report there was no explosion at all: the vehicle just collapsed around Mughniyeh. The cause - passenger's weight:

Update 2: an intercept of a conference call between Nasrallah's bunker and an emergency committee of prominent Lebanese dietitians and nutritionists included at least 7 mentions of "these damn pitas and humus". An urgent order for daily supply of chicken soup and rice crackers was issued immediately after he call.